Design Process

At Paradise of Florida we provide design services and project management, taking your space from concept to finished project. We provide the perfect harmony of landscape design, marrying the build end with the design end. When needed we connect with trade partners to handle those specialty needs for your environment, including electricians, plumbing and irrigation.

Our design starts with you. We are not only excited to build something cool, but we are passionate about you. When designing we use a two-step process.
Step 1: Consultation with the Client

This is our opportunity to learn more about the goals for your outdoor space and our chance to share the possibilities of what your piece of paradise could include. Our designers like to physically walk your space to experience both the environment at various times of day and to identify any small issues that could later become huge headaches.

Step 2: Design

After spending time in your space and learning about your outdoor needs, our designers take the information you have provided and build out to scale the home and outdoor environment of your new space. This design is an accurate 3D rendering of what you can expect your space to look like, even down to the coloring. These renderings are so accurate that if you don’t like it in the design, you won’t like it in your space.

Once the design is finalized and approved, the process of creating your outdoor paradise can begin.