Pavers and Hardscape

We can help you select products that work well with your landscape while still making room for nature to shine in creating walkways, patios and driveways. From the simple, but classy paver to the full system of paver and walkways, these features can elevate your outdoor living space.

When deciding what to incorporate into your landscape design, don’t overlook the importance of pavers and hardscape. Not only do walkways guide people throughout your yard, they can also be used to create a mood or atmosphere.

If you would like to add sustainable options to your paving that not only look good, but are good for the environment, permeable paving is an ideal place to start.

While other non-porous materials direct water to storm-drains, permeable or porous surfaces help ground water recharge by allowing water to flow into open spaces between the materials. Permeable paving also filters pollutants and solids from the water as it percolates through the surface. In rennet years, permeable paving has become more popular among home and business owners due to the innovative methods to save water.

Maintaining your driveway, patio and walkways is often dependent on the seasonal climate of your region.

It’s never a bad time to spend time outdoors but living in the Sunshine state might mean seeking a little shade from time to time. Shade structures are the ideal solutions when you or your guests don’t want to soak up the sun. From free standing structures to simple canvas additions, the options are almost limitless.

Often found throughout many warmer climates, a Lanai is an open-air porch that is furnished for comfort, including seating, cushions and ceiling fans. In addition to offering the perfect lounging spot, lanais can also provide protection from pests with screened in sides and can keep you dry in the rain.

If dappled sunlight is more like what you had in mind, then a pergola can provide both the sun you crave and shade you seek. As a free-standing structure, a pergola can allow you to catch a breeze and avoid the harsh sun’s rays. Pergolas can also be attached to your existing home, extending your outdoor space.

If you have already added a pool to your outdoor space, then the next step to making the space even more enjoyable might be adding a cabana. Not just for tropical resorts, a cabana provides shelter from the sun and a place to relax after an afternoon of swimming. Cabanas can be an extremely affordable option as the structures don’t have to be permanent and can include fabric sides including canvas, drapes or shades.