Fire Pits

The warm glow of a fire is the ideal spot on a chilly night for entertaining friends and family. Glowing embers tend to spark conversation as you make memories together surrounded by nature.

Fire pits can also help anchor an outdoor space, serving as the focal point of your landscape design. Style, size and shape for a firepit are only limited by your available outdoor space and can be designed in the following configurations:

  • Built-in fire pit installed, or you can purchase a portable fire pit that can be moved about the space
  • A built-in fire pit will allow you to choose the outdoor finishing materials including concrete, stone or brick
  • The shape of your firepit can be custom designed, round, square, L-shaped or triangular

When choosing to add this outdoor element, it is important to know the difference between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace, as well as the pros and cons of the various fire pit fuel options, including gas, propane, wood and ethanol.

An outdoor fireplace takes up less space on a patio, directs smoke up and out of a chimney, but only allows seating in front of the fireplace. A fire pit allows seating on all sides and can be considered much more of a conversation space.